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            Translations of individual documents (ENG)

            1. Get the document accepted in the original text version by the customer
            2. Via, select prepare release
            3. If translations have been started, choose a new release name, otherwise it is possible to write over the previous version if desired.
            4. Locate the released version of the file via, Select Prepare Translation
            5. Click in the desired languages and click Prepare translation
            6. The files produced (including any graphics) should be xml files where each and every element has been assigned a cms:rid.

            7. Send the files to the translator
            8. Get the files back
            9. Replace the files that were sent in the cms with the new files
            10. Test publish in each language to make sure everything looks right, graphics appear correctly, etc. (Text in image below falls off of document and goes below the accepted margins, FIX!)

            11. If the document should be published via a web portal:
              1. Make sure all files are committed
              2. Request Hisved to move all xml and image files to the server.
              3. Find a computer that does not sit on our network and test publish one document in each language in the same way that the final customer will. Make sure everything looks right. Check especially:
                1. Images
                2. Text in images
                3. Titles
                4. Warnings
                5. New text updates
                6. Margins
                7. Front page
                8. Back page
                9. Inside front page

            Updated: 24 Apr 2017 10:21 PM
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