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            GENTEXT in Arbortext (ENG)

            Some text exists in the stylesheet instead of an actual document. This text tends to be such that will always appear in every document. Address, company name, title of book, warning, note, etc. When the first document is sent to a translator it is a good idea to send along the stylesheet text at the same time.
            1. Open a document of the proper type in arbortext STYLER for viewing (language doesn’t matter)
            2. Styler menu, select open stylesheet
            3. Tools, select Export Generated Text
            4. Select a less stupid folder for the files to end up, click OK
            5. Send the files to the translator
            6. Get the files back
            7. Open a document of the proper type in arbortext STYLER for viewing (language doesn’t matter)
            8. Styler menu, select open stylesheet
            9. Tools, select Import generated text
            10. Select all the files to be imported (you can select multiple files at the same time)
            11. Pay attention to what the messages say and use your best judgement
            12. Save the stylesheet when you’re done.
            13. Close down arbortext entirely.
            14. Commit the stylesheets to SVN.
            15. Move the files to the PE, restart the PE.
            16. Zip the files and put them up on the CMS.
            17. Be sure to redeploy as usual.
            18. TEST! Print out a document in each language and glance through it. Some languages have words that are larger or longer than the original language and warning text areas may need to be larger or extra space may need to be planned in. Fix and test again as needed.

            Note that you can make translations easier by building stylesheets intelligently. If you write in any text that you know will not need translating (simple number, company name, just commas or other punctuation), mark it as ‘do not translate’. (Gentext editor, Translation, Do Not Translate).

            If you have text that will appear in multiple locations but be identical and require translation… put it into a _ufe element. That way it will only need to be translated once. (Instruction book, page, figure, etc). This also allows translations to be easier to maintain and if a term is changed in one location, it will be easier to change all locations at the same time. Also, if you know text MUST be translated, mark it as ‘Translate’. (Gentext editor, Translation, Translate).
            Updated: 24 Apr 2017 10:22 PM
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